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Our research program addresses many aspects of plant biosecurity including molecular diagnostics using traditional and next generation technologies, new and emerging pathogens, and pathway analysis. We explore the intersection of plant, animal, and human health from food security to shared pathogens. We are currently engaged in international biosecurity research projects in Australia, Bolivia, Israel, and New Zealand. The world depends upon plant systems for food, feed, fiber, fuel, medicine, and shelter. Plant biosecurity is essential to protect the plant systems upon which we depend.

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Cultivars Showing Resistance

Cultivars showing resistance – Magnaporthe Oryzae

The wheat cultivars on this list are commonly grown in the Central Plains area of the United States. The disease severity ratings are based upon inoculation studies carried out in biocontainment laboratories at the Biosecurity Research Institute on the Kansas State University campus. Several cultivars had significantly reduced severity of wheat blast when inoculated with a single strain/race of the wheat blast pathogen. However, there are many different races of wheat blast fungus in South America. Additional studies are needed to determine if these cultivars will be resistant to other races of the wheat blast pathogen.

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