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Training Lab Activity

Each participant of the course visitied the BRI training lab where they learned important protocols and procedures. The training addressed safe entry of a BSL3 lab, dawning of PPU, activity in the lab as well as safe exiting of the lab. The participants were mentored by the BRI safety team.

 Plant Biosecurity Plan Development

“This course is really good. It has been a real learning experience for me in terms of how different countries address biosecurity and what is important. Just the exposure. The case studies have been amazing in terms of how different countries are dealing with things and how they go about investigating. This has been a very worthwhile course for all of us.”– Toni Chapman

Kew Gardens, United kingdom
“I think surveillance is really under addressed. I think we are getting good with the infrastructure within countries and globally about diagnostics. That will continue to evolve. Strategies for collection of data efficiently from the field has some serious improvements which is exciting.”-Brendan Rodoni

“I think food security is the major issue because as the population of the world is increasing and climate change is becoming more of an issu. I think it is really important that we protect our population from starvation and food resources being damaged by the issues that we face with the changing environment.”-Shakira Johnson

“The biggest challenge I think is the emergence of new threats to our production systems or natural states. We rely on very few plant species for food whether we feed it to animals or directly to ourselves. Those systems are coming under increasing pressure from new threats entities and problems.”-Grant Smith

Lab activities and updates for the J Stack Lab at Kansas State University

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