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2017 Registration Open!

15-19 May 2017

 – Limited to 25 participants –

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Course Information

Come to K-State’s Biosecurity Research Institute for a short course in plant biosecurity. An international panel of instructors will share diverse perspectives on plant biosecurity through a combination of lectures, hands-on laboratory exercises, case studies, and open discussions. Course topics include plant biosecurity concepts, diagnostics, and strategies in support of plant biosecurity. The course will be held from 15-19 May 2017.

2015 Course: 37 participants from 16 countries

2016 Course: 40 participants from 17 countries

Case Studies

Instructors from several countries will present case studies that were identified to represent different agents and response efforts that either succeed or failed.

Lab Experience

Participants will receive expert training in the Biosecurity Research Institute’s (BRI) mock biocontainment training Lab; a near-exact replica of an actual containment lab.

Biosecurity Plan

Participants will be assigned to teams that will develop biosecurity plans for a nation, a commodity, and an agent. Experienced team leaders will guide plan development.

Optional in-depth lab experience:

A limited number of participants can choose an in-depth biocontainment experience in an operational biosafety level 3 containment lab. Under the supervision of experienced BSL-3 researchers, participants will enter a working lab and conduct a small exercise with a high consequence plant pathogen.

NOTE: All persons entering containment will be REQUIRED to:

  • Remove ALL jewelry, including body piercings, of the entire body
  • Remove ALL clothing and don provided scrubs before entering containment
  • Shower out, including complete hair-wash with provided shampoo

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